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A Christmas Thank You for you

I know I wasn’t going to write today but then I thought I want to wish you a Happy Christmas and say thank you for being our customer.


And as a big thank you for being a customer I’d like to offer you a 30% discount on our Thank You cards. Order before 9:00am on December 31st 2020 to get your massive discount (offer limited to 8 packs per customer).

Not only are the postcards bright and friendly, they are a lot easier to get a child to write after Christmas than a traditional letter. With less space to fill the they also look better than a three line letter.

But as useful as they are for Christmas Thank You replies, they are great to just have in your home, ready to send to friends and family. A postcard means so much more than a text or e-mail, people know you really mean it, when you say it with a card.

And there’s a lovely range of cards to choose from with images for every occasion. From the delightful rose, featured above, to a fun pair of paper boats, a smart present and a pair of cheeky squirrels.

Click here to see the full range and you thank you discount.

Kind regards