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Anyone for Afternoon Tea?

Single Cup Cake postcard - The Postcard Store - Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea Week takes place every second full week in August — August 8 to 14 this year. It was created to help celebrate this great British tradition.

Formal afternoon teas started in the 1840’s, when dinner was often not served until after 8pm and a full lunch not something most people had. So a quick snack mid-afternoon was just perfect.

Although called ‘tea’ the meal was far more than just refreshment, traditional it contained light foods and soon grew into a social event, especially for the better off. Becoming fully established when Queen Victoria started taking part.

No longer just the preserver of the wealthy classes afternoon tea is enjoyed by all. Why not throw your own tea party during this year’s celebration. Invite your friends round using our Afternoon Tea postcards as notelets.

We’ll even give you a 20% discount on the packs of 20 Afternoon Tea postcards with or without envelopes. Offer limited to four packs per customer and the flash sale will close at midnight on Sunday 7th of August. All orders received by then will be sent on Monday 8th of August.

Each pack of 20 Afternoon Tea postcards had 2 cards of 10 different images. All printed in the UK on high-quality card.

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Enjoy your weekend and an afternoon tea following on.