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Boxes to store your postcards

Storage box with A6 postcards - The Postcard Store

You been asking for these and we’ve tracked them down, great postcard storage boxes.

From when we used to poly-wrap the postcards, to the new eco-friendly paper bands, one thing that could always be frustrating was storing the postcards. Left unprotected they could get marked and the edges turned.

But now we have found the solution – high-quality, gift boxes. In a beautiful cream colour, the heavyweight card boxes are both long lasting and sustainable.

Storage box with A6 postcards - The Postcard Store

Each box fits over 80 A6 postcards and will keep them clean and safe. Not only are they perfect postcard storage boxes, if you are looking to store anything of a similar size these are fantastic. Strong but with clean lines, made from a high-quality card and fully recyclable.

And in true Postcard Store fashion they are great value as well, at just £2.95 each. But as it’s taken us longer than expected to source them for you we are going to launch them with a discount. For the next week (until Friday 27th May 2022) you can save 20% on the price of these postcard storage boxes.

Pay just £2.36 a box but remember once the launch week is up these will return to the standard price of £2.95.

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