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British Garden Bird postcards are back in stock

Congratulations to the winners of our Bulldog Puppy postcards competitions, they are from the email entries – Janine Phillips, Ms Yvonne Barclay, Marian Pugh, Vesta Poulston and Jo Fowler. From Facebook – Kay Rogan, Maureen Williams, Tatiana Zeleska, Lorna Hadley and Martin Ball. And from Twitter – Loretta McDonald, Rosemary Woolard, Yvette Ross, Amanda Ward and Christina Faerber. A pack of ten postcards of the little cutie are on the way to you. If we don’t have your address please check your personal messages. 

And while the puppy is cute, the blue tit in A Very Fine Flock trumps him for me. And I’m really happy to say these are back in stock and you can order yours now. 

Blue Tit postcard

This beautiful range has been out of stock for some time while we sorted out a few logistical issues, but these have been fixed and we shouldn’t run out of any stock in the future. The other range we did run out of was Wonderful World, but these are been printed at the moment and I’ll let you know when they are available. 

Running the blue it a close second in my book is the Robin, but I know loads of people prefer the winking owl. Whatever your favourite if you love birds then this is lovely set of postcards to enjoy. Click here to see the full range of these British Garden Bird postcards. 

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