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Competition winners and how you can win more than you ever dreamed of

Congratulations to the winners of our competition to win a pack of Animal Mix postcards – Susie Main, Angela L Paull, Margaret Tyrrell, Sue Cobley and Graeme Bickford. Justin should get in touch by now for your addresses, but if not please e-mail him at

You know I love a good competition as much as I love a good postcard. Well we have a very special offer running. It’s your chance to get all our competition services, subscription free, for ten years. In fact it’s so good we only have 100 places available and we expect them to go very quickly.

But if you are interested as it was only opened this morning you will have time find out more – click here to discover what comping can give you.

If you haven’t got it to comping before, it’s great. It’s also why we started printing postcards some 30 odd years ago, when most competitions needed a postal entry route.

The things you can win are amazing, right now among the thousands of prizes on offer are Two five-star all inclusive holidays in St Lucia, A barbecue grill worth £3,495 and a £25,000 kitchen. In fact, one of the services alone has found over £1 million worth of prizes in the last month alone.

Discover more here

I hope you enjoy the bank holiday weekend and I’ll be back next week.

Kind regards