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Discover how to make your day better

Last week I was talking about Random Acts of Kindness day (let me know if anyone did show you an act of kindness, email me at 

Another day, well month, I’d never heard of before is ‘Boost Your Self Esteem Month’. But I just discovered that’s what this month is. Boosting your self esteem is so important for most people, most of us feel a bit knocked by life, and could do with the occasional boost. And I think kindness and self esteem are linked. 


Giving is a great way to feel better about yourself, it might not turn you into the next Bill Gates, but does help you feel better about yourself. And giving can be free, opening a door, saying hello, all these small things are really good. 

As I said last week, sending a postcard is also a great way of spreading a bit of kindness and with our Chin Up range, the postcards are designed to give a boost as well. 


Sending one of these will not only give someone a boost when they get it, it will make you feel better as well. Click here to see all the postcards in this range. 

And don’t just try and boost your self esteem this month, try and do something every month that will make you feel better. I really believe acts of kindness and boosting your self esteem are linked, so holding a door open, smiling and saying hello helps everyone.