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Discover which are our most popular postcards

To The Farthest Shore postcard - Paul Narbutt - The Postcard Store – Visions

We know you love a mixed pack of postcards; the problem has always been which ones to include?

In the past we’ve just put together different ranges, this was good, but it meant there was no real theme to the cards. I know you could argue that’s the whole point of a mixed pack: but it never satisfied us.

To start, we created Animal Mix, we took the best animal pictures from all our ranges to make a wonderful range of very different animal postcards, unlike anything else you can get.

From a majestic tiger, to sweet ducks and fluffy birds: this set of animal postcards has everything.

And you’ve told us how much you like the selection –

“⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Just Perfect! Thanks” – Nicolae A

a lovely selection of different animals, all very usable!” – Elizabeth A

Fabulous pictures!! Great!!” – Vicki S

But we publish a lot more than animals and that still left us the problem of how to choose what cards to include in a mixed pack? But you answered this for us. Pick Your Own – where you can choose 10 postcards from all 140 pictures we publish has told us know which are the most popular.  We’ve put these together to make the ultimate pack of mixed postcards – Top Picks – a pack of 20 of the most popular pictures, as chosen by you.

Click here to see which postcards made it to be included in this set of our 20-top-selling individual postcards.

The top twenty best selling postcards, I can’t actually think of a better theme. The pack includes animals, flowers, cakes, an old-fashioned telephone box, contemporary art, even balls of brightly coloured wool!

This has to be the best-quality and varied mixed-pack of postcards you can get, and available at our normal rock-bottom prices.

See the full set here.

It’s been really exciting to see which cards have been chosen and I’m glad to see my favourite, from our new Visions range made it into the list.

Kind regards