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Don’t miss out on your free packs of blank postcards

The long holidays are on us and even though it’s rained every day they haven’t been too stressful. The older they get, the less direct looking after the kids need. Mind you that doesn’t include being an on call taxi service or the fights to get them to tidy their rooms. The problems just change as they get older! 

I’d just like to remind you that the offer of free packs blank postcards is still open. You can get two packs of 20 for free. All you have to cover is cover our small P&P cost (£1.95) and you can have two free packs of blank postcards. 

To take advantage of this offer, you must order the two packs separately from anything else, and not order more than two packs. We have to ask you to order like this to ensure packages don’t get moved into heavier postal brackets, where we would lose even more money.  

Any orders that include blank postcards, and don’t meet these requirements will be cancelled and refunded, click to order now. 

Blank Postcards

I’d also like to remind you that the Wonderful World and Fine Flock packs are back in stock. In fact, all our packs of postcards are available. Make someone’s day this summer, send them a postcard. We have something for everyone, click here to see them all. 

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