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Free plain postcards for you

“Only two weeks to go” my youngest daughter cheerfully said today, referring to the end of term and the start of the long holidays. And although, as my kids have got older, the summer holidays don’t fill me with the dread they once did, I still know I’ll have my work cut out stopping them killing each other and trying to make them keep the house reasonable (I’ve given up on actually ‘tidy’). 

When they were younger, one thing that did work (for at least two/three days) was getting them to draw postcards to send to the family. If you would like to get your kids to try this, have kids that are naturally arty or want to have a go yourself, we have a treat for you. 

Blank Postcards

In clearing out stock from the warehouse we discovered more blank postcards than we thought, and need to trim the stock. So, we are offering you the chance to get two packs of 20 for free! That’s right, all you have to cover is cover our small P&P cost (£1.95) and you can have two free packs of blank postcards. 

To take advantage of this offer, you must order the two packs separately from anything else, and not order more than two packs. We have to ask you to order like this to ensure packages don’t get moved into heavier postal brackets, where we would lose even more money.  

Any orders that include blank postcards, and don’t meet these requirements will be cancelled and refunded. 

Please up this offer as soon as you can, we only have limited stock of the blank postcards available and as soon as they are down to a reasonable level we will close the offer. 

Click here to reserve your two free packs of blank postcards 

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