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Great for postal competitions

Collage of poscards for sale - The Postcard Store

Congratulations to all the winners of our ‘I love vintage’ postcard competitions. You have won a pack of ten postcards that are no longer printed. A prize money can’t buy! But don’t worry if you didn’t win, we still have a few packs left and will offer these as prizes over for coming months.

These cards are from when we just printed postcards for postal competitions, we’ve extended the ranges now, but there are still a few old favourites in these.

Collage of poscards for sale - The Postcard Store
Collage of postcards for sale – The Postcard Store

The email winners are – Hilary Turner, Janet Franklin, Lorna Hutchin, Elaine Ellard and Helen Craigs, your cardsv are on the way to you.

Facebook competition – Sue Ocock, Paula Anne, Julie Davies, Liz Shuff and Kim Dillon, please look for a PM from us asking for your postal address.

And the same thing with the Twitter winners – Adam Sheridan, Jill Cooke, Lisette Davidson, Martyn Spencer and Sue Tilbury

We don’t actually have a specific retro range, it’s something we are looking into but I’t hard to know exactly what we should cover.

Look out for next week’s email where I’ll tell you about the latest addition to the site, not as exciting as a new range but pretty useful and as always great value for money.

And if you want to have a go at postal competitions, or whatever you want to use your postcards for don’t forget The Postcard Stores has the best selection of multipacks in the UK – click to see them all.