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It’s true and here’s the proof

Last week I urged you give comping ago, and I make no apologies for returning to this theme again this week, but I promise you that if I can’t persuade you to give it ago today, I won’t mention comping again in the near future (unless it’s to give you the chance to win our postcards and envelopes).

Competitions are won by real people, just like you, everyday. When you hear someone say ‘but they never win’ or ‘it’s a scam’ and you talk to them, you soon find out that they have only entered a few competitions.

And to be honest, if you only enter a few competitions, your chances of winning are very slight, but click here to visit our Facebook page and read what our members are winning and saying about comping.

And why would companies like Cadbury’s, Virgin, B&M Stores, Waterstones, Tesco and all the other supermarkets, CocaCola and the like, with brands valued at billions of £s get involved with something ‘scammy’? They wouldn’t, and it’s not as if comping is new, it’s been around since the 1900’s, anything that lasts that lomg must have someone going for it.

Put your scepticism to onside side for a moment, and give it ago. I’ve arranged for you to even be able to do this free of charge, with a one month free trial to Simply Prizes. To show you are serious about giving it a real go, you’ll be asked to complete a delayed action, direct debit form, but no money will be taken for a month, and if in the meantime you decide it’s not for you just let us know and we’ll cancel your membership immediately, with a thank you from me for giving comping a go.

Yes, I’d like to see what I can win with Simply Prizes

I mentioned holidays last week, well, this week there are 28 different UK breaks to be won, plus  the chance to win an all-inclusive seven-night stay at BodyHoliday Saint Lucia worth £4,500, another three-night stay in St Lucia for two worth £1,635 (sorry kids!), a luxury break in Tuscany and an all-inclusive seven-night holiday in Barbados.

And if you aren’t the holidaying type, there’s an Audi Q4 e-tron to take you round in style for a year and much, much more. With over 300 new competitions added this week alone, I couldn’t possible list them all.

Join today and see for yourself – go one, it’s free.

Reserve my place on Simply Prizes’ today

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