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Now this does make it a family affair

If you have been a customer for a while you will have noticed that we are trying to do our bit for the environment and have stopped poly wrapping the postcards and envelopes, now we just use a paper band that can be recycled. Not a big difference, but every little bit helps.

And with Pick Your Own, they come in a hard-backed envelope that is perfect for storing them as well as being environmentally friendly.

All the sorting that used to be done at the printers we are now doing ourselves and while getting our heads around the logistics has been interesting to say the least, it does mean we’ve been able to help a couple of people out.

My daughter left school this year and COVID has meant she’s lost her regular job in a restaurant and has not been able to find anything else. So I’m glad to say she has joined us, packing the postcards and envelopes with a couple of her friends, her little sister even joins in for a few hours at the weekend. Having our children join me and Dave makes it truly a family business.

Being able to pack our own postcards has let us launch Pick Your Own, where you can choose 10 postcards from all 140 different cards we have (click here to see them all). We have a few more ideas that we’ll roll out over the next few months and we can get the software designed and built.

We also upgraded the Thank You range of cards with a Winter Thanks, click here to see the new range or here as Pick Your Own.

The last posting date for Christmas is the 18th so if you would like to send a postcard to say hello (or Thank You) you still have plenty of time to get your cards from us and send them on (we promise to pack and send all orders received this weekend on Monday)

Enjoy the weekend and I hope your Christmas planning is going well.

Kind regards