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Our last winners and another competition

Congratulations to the winners of our recent competition to win a set of postcards of your choice;

Sharon Jackson, Edith Cockburn, Stuart Cooper, Annabel Greaves and Jayne Elizabeth Sullivan won from the e-mail and Facebook entries and Sheena Read, Laura Polley, Claire Woods, Ellie Lane and Jess Chaney won the five extra pack from Twitter.

If you aren’t following us on Twitter yet and would like to click here to follow and re-tweet today’s competition.

Yes, we are going to have another competition, and as you liked having a choice, today’s comp is for one of five Pick Your Own packs of 10 individual postcards.

There’s a dropdown option on the postcards tab on the website. It offers ‘multipacks’ where all our normal sets of postcards are for sale; the other option is ‘Pick Your Own’. Choose this and all 130 of our individual postcards are displayed.

Choose your favourite and we’ll send you a pack of ten of these individual postcards. Or enter today’s competition and if you win we’ll send you a pack for free. There will be five winners, each who get a pack of 10 postcards of the image of their choice.  Competition ends 9am Monday 28th June.

The swan from a Very Fine Flock has quickly established itself as one of your favoured cards. But it’s nice to that an old favourite, in the beach huts from Best of British, is still leading the way as the current best seller.

But the great things about this competition; is that you get to decide which picture you treasure best. Just e-mail or post on our Facebook page with ‘That’s the one for me’ in the subject line. Alternatively follow and re-tweet on Twitter here.

Good luck everyone and I hope the weather stays good.

Enjoy your weekend.

Kind regards