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Our new set of contemporary fine art postcards

Tower Bridge postcard by Reme Junior - The Postcard Store – Visions

These are the first postcards we’ve printed where I’ve allowed my desires to take over!

I’ve always loved art and any years ago I was lucky enough to study at The Courtauld Institute of Art. Ever since then I’ve kept my eye out for interesting art postcards, but I’ve never found any.

They all seem to be well known paintings by famous artists, which are fine: But they are never going to make anyone think – wow, what a great picture, who’s it by? I wanted a range of pictures that you haven’t seen before, images that will get a reaction, postcards that people will remember receiving.

And I think I’ve done it. I spent most of last summer researching and talking to a range of contemporary artists, getting permission to reproduce their original works of art as postcards.

These are very different to our normal cards, but I hope you will enjoy the change. We haven’t ‘officially’ launched them yet but have already got some great feedback.

“Gorgeous variety, great quality”


“New range & I like them”

And one of the cards has become a firm favourite with Pick and Mix customers as well; Paul Narbutt’s To The Farthest Shores. I just love the vibrant colours.

I hope you like the new range, to find out more about all the pictures I’ve chosen and the contemporary fine artists behind them – click here