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Where can I buy postcards in the UK

As I mentioned in my last post our customers were asking ‘where can I buy postcards’ or specifically ‘where can I buy packs of postcards’. And they didn’t just want cheap, they wanted quality as well. They wanted to make their competition entries stand out. So I designed four different packs of postcards to start with, Afternoon Tea being the first.

And then Animal Kingdom and Cuddly Creatures, both of which are still some of our most popular today. Finding the right images took a lot longer than I expected and cost far more than I expected as well. After finding the images I wanted I then needed to find a company that would print bulk postcards for us.

I didn’t want them printed in China or Italy (although visiting the printers would have been fun). I wanted UK postcards. Postcards that were printed and packed in UK. Some bulk postcard sellers sent you the cards loose in an envelope. It made sorting them and storing them a real hassle (and the corners often got damaged in transit), so I wanted British postcards you could be proud of. Not only were they printed in the UK they were polywrapped to keep them looking good as well.