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Are you one of our winners?

Congratulations to all the winners of the competition to win a £20 Postcard Store voucher. Dorothy Kousoulou, Rose Janes and Dawn Adams. You will each receive an electronic voucher code to use on the site. Choose whatever you want and enjoy.

Wondering what you would pick, got me thinking about which my favourite postcard is. I’d struggle to pick one, and I think my choice would change depending on my mood, but one of the ones I definitely like best is Wonderful World from Songs of Hope, it always makes me feel better.

Winning a competition also always gives a great pick up, as I hope Dorothy, Rose and Dawn will agree! Our main comping (competition listings) title, Simply Prizes, is 20 years old this month. Amazing to think it’s been around so long.

I can remember when we launched it as a paper magazine, concentrating of prize draws. In those days all competitions had to have a free entry route. It’s actually what started us producing postcards! But the world has moved on and now rather than publishing once a month, we list new competitions three times a week and our bespoke, members only website makes entering them really easy.

It’s a golden age for comping as the internet has made them really easy to offer and as effective advertising gets harder and harder for companies, offering a prize competition works as well as anything else. This means there are more competitions around than ever and the prizes are just amazing.

Just this week we found a luxury Moroccan holiday, a trip to the Italian Riviera and a dream trip to Thailand. For the UK there’s a great late escape to Jersey, a two-night stay on the Isle of Man including flights or a gourmet break in Dorset worth £1,000. There are also four different luxury breaks in London on offer. And if it’s a bit of fashion you are after there’s a £1,000 shopping spree with KALITA, £1,000 to spend at Bicester Village and a £1,000 Mint Velvet gift card all up for grabs. And also a Jaguar iPace worth £75,000.

If you’ve not given comping ago before, I love you to try it out and I’ve arranged for you to get a one month free-trial to test it out. You’ll be asked to complete a delayed action direct debit form, just to show you are serious about giving it a go, but no month will be taken for a month. If at any time during that month you decide the Simply Prizes isn’t for you just email us or give us a call and we’ll cancel your direct debit immediately. In fact, even if you forget and the first payment is taken just let us know and we’ll refund it!

I don’t think you’ll find a better way to get involved, give it a go today.

Yes, I’d like to give comping and Simply Prizes ago

Comping is a numbers game, the more comps you enter the better your chance of winning, that’s why Simply Prizes is such a help, we list over 300 brand new competition every week. This doesn’t mean you’ll win in your first week or even month, but stick with it and you’ll have a fantastic new hobby that could bring you things you’ve never even dreamed of. There are even a few postcard competitions still around now.

Start comping now

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