Postcards for Postcrossing

Postcrossers across the world love our cards, with a wide range of designs and a bargain price it helps you keep sending cards without the cards becoming too expensive.

If you haven’t heard of Postcrossing but like the idea of someone brightening your day by sending you a card from anywhere in the world give it a go.

The idea is that people send and receive postcards from all over the world, where you receive postcards from is quiet random, there are postcrossers all around the world, listed below are the top 15 countries by number of postcrossers, so you can see there are lots of active people enjoying the hobby.

1. Russia – 76,440

2. Taiwan – 67,349

3. China – 58,313

4. USA – 57,976

5. Germany – 45,094

6. Holland – 37,550

7. Poland – 28,672

8. Belarus – 25,130

9. Ukraine – 24,193

10. Finland – 19.326

11. Czech Republic – 17,045

12. UK – 13,088

13. France – 11,287

14. Canada – 8,674

15. Japan – 8,151

Postcrossing was started in 2005 by Paulo Magalhaes, just because he liked to receive postcards and thought the idea of getting them from strangers would make his everyday post a surprise, a bit like compers getting the LWE (large white envelope).

It grew as a hobby far quicker than Paulo imagined and by April 2008 one million postcards had been exchanged. 5 million cards were exchanged in 2008; 10 million by 2012 and currently a million cards are exchanged every two months.

Such is it’s growing popularity the Dutch Post Office issued a range of Postcrossing stamps in 2011, Finland followed suit in 2013. In 2014 both Belarus and Guernsey issued postcrossing stamps and Russia is the latest country to recognise the hobby, launching a stamp in 2015. If you are interested in getting involved visit the main website, there is a also a Twitter feed and Facebook page.