16 Party Animals Postcards


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Life looks bright when Natalie Thurman’s multicolour animals are around, and they are just the thing to send a cheering message to a friend. A set of colourful art animal postcards.

Natalie is a children’s author, illustrator, photographer and artist, known for her strong colours and iconic animal portraits. She became known for her dog portraits after publishing the children’s book The Legend Of Dog Dog but now paints any animal that takes her fancy.

Doris, the mallard duck has that very duck-like way of looking at you with her head turned to one side. Painted in strong watercolours she is a beauty.

Polly is Natalie’s watercolour parrot, bringing a tropical flavour to her collection with her red, green and blue plumage.

Dotty the Dalmation is one of our favourites! Washed in shades of sapphire blue and purple she looks so happy!

Zara the zebra is a multicoloured delight with her rainbows of watercolour stripes and Fifi the fox looks like she’s smiling which always makes us smile back.

Carol the cow is a beauty with her purply blue highlights and Michael the monkey with his adorable rose-pink face looks like he’s up to no good.

And last of all is an elephant calf nestling between his two adoring parents.

You can find Natalie’s art and photography and even commission a pet portrait here.

We know how much you love animals but as this style is a new direction for us, we have limited the print run to see what you think. Hope you like them as much as we do, and we would love to hear your feedback.