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20 A Very Fine Flock with White Envelopes


All our postcards are available with either a mix of 10 different coloured envelopes or plain white ones, please chose which option you would prefer below.

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We love our feathered friends and this set of bird postcards captures them in a range of different settings.

The extraordinary goldfinch with his vivid splashes of red, blue and yellow, definitely made our top ten. We hadn’t realised just how vibrant they are. We have three more unusual birds to show you thanks to the highly-acclaimed wildlife photographer and conservationist Boris Belcher.  He has managed to capture the European Roller, the grasshopper warbler and the bearded reedling in all their characteristic beauty

We love the tawny owl winking at us as if he’s got a funny secret to share, and we melted at the sight of a very fluffy baby blue tit, and a shy red robin on a sprig of blossom. We chose the mute swan gliding into the sunset because it almost doesn’t look real. It could be a beautiful watercolour painting. The egrets with their fine mating plumage almost look like exotic birds yet they are regular visitors to British gardens that have streams and ponds. As is the uniquely-coloured kingfisher diving up out of the water in a trail of glistening droplets without so much as a feather ruffled. We found out that not all kingfishers actually eat fish so this bird collection certainly got us all talking in the office.