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20 Afternoon Tea with White Envelopes


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Two cards (20 pack) of ten different designs with matching bright coloured, gummed envelopes.

This is a pretty pastel collection of elegant tea sets, flowers, iced biscuits and cake!

The first image is a gift-wrapped box of handmade iced bird biscuits and a message saying With Love. The vintage-style birds almost look like they’re snuggled in a nest of tissue paper.

The second image is a patisserie-standard cupcake with an intricate sugar fondant rose nestled in the buttercream icing. And it’s on a doily which I love because you just don’t see these very often nowadays.

Next is a turquoise and bronze butterfly which has swooped onto a sea of deep-pink flowers. In the same theme, we have a close-up of a lacy froth of pink and blue hydrangeas. They are so fresh you can actually see the dewdrops sparkling on the petals.

The violet orchid is a rare plant and magnificent with its translucent tissue-like petals. We love those purple and blue hazy mixes which are so saturated and strong. Then we have another cupcake with a frosted rose on the top, but this time sitting on a garden tea table with an inviting cup of tea and a floral jug.

We loved the almost retro look of the ranuculus bunch against the turquoise marbled background. Somehow it looks like a 1970s shot but with a lot more style! Then we have three blue-moon roses in pale violet pink and yet another cupcake with sugar roses and sprinkles.

The last image is a delicate blend of aqua and shell pink in the tea table set with blue hydrangeas and tea cup and pale pink milk jug. It just makes you want to be there.