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20 Animal Mix with White Envelopes


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20 Animal Mix postcards with 20 (2 of each of 10 colours) coloured gummed envelopes.

There’s nothing cuter than a smiling baby animal which is why we love this speckled piglet beaming at us from over his shoulder.

We love the Labrador Retriever puppies sitting nose to nose. One of them is trying to give his sibling a little kiss but he looks to sleepy to succeed.

We don’t know why animals who fall onto their backs are so funny and it looks like this young hamster finds it equally funny. We love the look of total surprise on his face.

Here are some squirrels having a serious natter together on a tree trunk. They really look like they’re whispering secrets to each other.

Next is a young tawny owl taking a break on a tree stump surrounded by deep purple wild flowers. This a rare photo of a shy nocturnal animal. Equally hard to capture is the magnificent tiger in dramatic shadow. Scary but beautiful.

We chose this ordinary tabby cat because he looks so majestic with his emerald-green eyes – the only splash of colour in the photo. We had to include the jowly dog because of that grumpy face!

We never knew that ducklings could dance! This one looks like he’s doing a tap dance routine – just like the ducklings holding a tulip in their beaks as a gift. Their feet look a bit tangled up and they will all probably fall flat on their faces if they try to walk.

And talking of falling, this little field mouse is going to have to make a leap to safety if those ears of corn keep moving apart.

Equally silly but heart-warming is the grumpy gorilla proudly holding his bunch of broccoli – a splash of green in a black and white photo. In a similar style we have a very regal cheetah glowing with its golden eyes and a magnificent African elephant.

The subdued tones of the beautiful swan give a real feeling of serenity and elegance. Whoever you sent the swan to would feel calmed by its grace.

This little squirrel admiring its own reflection is also a very serene, magical scene and we love the two ground squirrels trying to reach the blackberries. One of them looks like he’s giving advice to the other about how to get hold of them.

Still more squirrels, this time in the middle of some delicately coloured poppies and forget-me-nots. It almost looks like a watercolour painting – yet it’s a real photo captured in a wild woodland.

There’s also something quite magical about the blue tits sitting amongst the red and white spotty toadstools – just like a fairy tale. You could even imagine seeing this beautiful sleeping fox cub curled up under a tree as you walked through the woods.

Now animals don’t really get much cuter than this baby grey chinchilla nibbling an almond. If sweet baby animals are your thing then our work is done and all that’s left to do is to find out where we can adopt our very own.

Some butterflies are the most incredible colours and we’ve never seen a stronger blue on an insect before. Blending in with the purple flowers around it shows just how colourful nature can be. Just like the kingfisher – one of the UK’s favourite birds and notoriously hard to photograph. Especially as they are about to dive for a fish. The photographer waited a very long time to get that shot.

Hummingbirds are incredible creatures and equally hard to photograph, especially with their long beaks inside a flower searching for nectar.

And lastly, if you know someone who needs cheering up we have two kitten postcards that are sure to raise a smile!