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20 Chin Up with White Envelopes


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Two cards (20 pack) of ten different designs with matching bright coloured, gummed envelopes.

All aimed at bring a smile when, if you are looking for inspirational postcards, without the corporate feel of the traditional motivational postcards can have, these are the postcards for you.

Be Happy, scrawled in the sand, is the first of this range of postcards and that’s the aim of this set – a collection of postcards to lift everyone’s day. Perfect when you want to let someone close know you are thinking of them.

A baby orang-utan, just hanging from a rope, on a plain white background, with Have Fun written underneath is next. Then there is an adorable kitten looking absolutely bewildered with the words -Hello Cutie – underneath

Hey You! In old fashioned printers type just leaps of the page to say hello.

And then there’s a trio of sunshine-coloured ducklings all holding a pink tulip in their beaks and waddling up to you. We’ve written Just For You below to show it’s a special gift. A tiny, fluffy ball of feathers is the chick with Looking Good written below. And two stones, standing out amongst a beach with Love and Hope inscribed on them bring a calmness and peace to the collection.

Our favourite is the tabby kitten standing on its hind legs with its paws outstretched as if it’s measuring something huge. Love You This Much is written up the side and is a sure way to bring happiness and comfort to a close one.

Thank You cards are a staple of a kind and considerate person and the next card says this in an original way with retro lettering and sand to remind you of summer. And to say goodbye there are two friendly dolphins who tell you to Keep Smiling.

We hope you like these very different and unique pack of inspirational postcards. We are sure they will bring a smile and help motivate anyone.