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20 Songs Of Hope with White Envelopes


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Two cards (20 pack)) of ten different designs with matching bright coloured, gummed envelopes.

In difficult times one of the kindest things you can do is to send a loved one a message of hope and empathy.

The idea for Songs Of Hope came when I started to miss my weekly visits to my 90-year-old father who has Alzheimer’s, because of the Covid-19 lockdown. I found myself humming We’ll Meet Again on the way home, not knowing when I would be allowed to see him next.

Many older people don’t have Skype, Facetime or mobile phones and a postcard with a well-known and cheering line from a song will resonate in their memory. Younger people too can be comforted by these hopeful words, especially now when they are missing school-life and friends. The Queen recently referred to the song We’ll Meet Again during an address to the nation because it’s still an iconic message of the current time.

We’ve found some vibrant images to illustrate these motivating lyrics and the designs are exclusive to The Postcard Store.  These postcards are specially made for showing your love and support for those you are missing and who are also missing you very much.

The songs we’ve featured are;

Keep Smiling Through…

A wonderful motivational line from Vera Lynn’s “We’ll Meet Again” recently referred to by HM The Queen when she addressed the nation.

Don’t Sit Under The Apple Tree..

Many of us are away from our loved ones at the moment and this song is a light-hearted reminder to be faithful.

What A Wonderful World

This iconic song from Louis Armstrong reminds us that whatever happens there is still beauty and hope to see us through the darker times.

Pack Up Your Troubles

This well-known wartime song originally motivated soldiers away from home, but the ‘Don’t Worry’  message is still as true today.

What’s The Use Of Worrying

Here are some more lines from Pack Up Your Troubles which are perfect to send to a loved one who needs reassurance through a difficult time.

Wherever You’re Going…

Moon River is a beautiful and evocative song made famous by Audrey Hepburn in the film Breakfast At Tiffany’s.

These lines send a message of support and solidarity.

Never Mind The Weather

These are lines from the uplifting song ‘Jolly Good Company’ to give us hope that the sun is always going to shine again.

Stand By Me

Ben E King’s famous song can show your loved one how much their care and support means to you and is a beautiful way to say thank you.

Rainy Days Don’t Worry Me

This line comes from the famous ‘Down Forget-Me-Not Lane’ by the comic duo Flanagan and Allen in 1941 to bring some brightness to an uncertain and difficult period of the second World War.

April Showers

Al Jolson made this song famous during the 1940’s and the message of hope and faith is just as true in the 2020’s.

Perfect for Postcards of Kindness.