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20 Wild at Heart with White Envelopes


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Two cards (20 pack) of ten different designs with matching bright coloured, gummed envelopes.

An amazing collection of some of the world’s rarest animals caught in the most theatrical glory. These professional photographs have been enhanced to highlight each animal’s natural elegance and beauty.

The collection, of high-quality postcards, has five cards of ten different designs. It starts with postcard of a dignified cheetah calmly looking you straight in the eyes. It’s a one-off shot of pure artistry. Just like the noble leopard with his piercing amber eyes staring out defiantly. Naturally we had to include the beautiful lion with his huge mane and rugged good looks.

Next you have a majestic African elephant, emerging from the shadows dramatically. In the same theme we have a very grand tiger half in shadow and looking like he owns you and a striking shot of a zebra almost in motion.

Not all the shots are moody and dark though – we fell in love with the rhino mum with her little calf waddling along by her side and the enormous gorilla holding out a flower seems to make everyone smile. The giraffe with her sticky-out ears and perplexed expression is super-cute without being soppy and nobody can take those cheeky three lemurs seriously.

You will be truly entranced by this stunning collection of postcards, with shots from some of the best wildlife photographers in the world, printed on top-quality card here in the UK.