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20 Animal Kingdom Postcards


20 A6 postcards, 10 different images, 2 of each image.

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Postcard size = C6 (114 mm x 162 mm)

Two cards each of ten different designs of animal postcards; an ordinary tabby cat is transformed into a majestic animal with her emerald-green eyes. She seems transfixed by her reflection.  We were amazed with the tiny hummingbird hovering by a pink flower ready to dip in for some sweet nectar and we couldn’t resist the mother Japanese Macaque or Snow Monkey holding her baby protectively.

Look at those sleepy Labrador Retriever puppies trying to have a cuddle but being far too sleepy! We’ve added a red squirrel because they are so beautiful and rare.

We’re not sure if the little white dog peeking out from the broken door is a bichon fries or a crossbreed dog but it’s very pretty anyway. One of our all-time favourites is the goldfish opening its mouth in surprise as it swims round. We never knew that goldfish could be so expressive!

This ducking is having a wonderful time dancing – he almost looks like he’s smiling! Next we have four bewildered-looking lion cubs and then a striking pure white cat with the brightest china-blue eyes you ever did see.

With perfect timing, a tiny humming bird collecting nectar from a flower has been captured for the next card. And then showing the beauty of a mother’s love we have a monkey with her chin resting on the tiny head of her baby – proud and protective.

Two cute Labrador-Retriever puppies, nose to nose with their adorable curly fur and sleepy faces, come next and the last image of a squirrel on a branch nibbling a nut finishes off this range of beautiful animals.

With so many animals, in such different settings, and cats eyes like you’ve never seen, you won’t find a more special set of animal postcards.