20 Top Picks – Mixed Pack of Postcards with Coloured Envelopes


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Knowing which cards to include in our mixed packs has always been a hard question to ask. But we think we’ve found the answer. We recently gave our website customers the chance to order individual images with the Pick Your Own range. These are the 20 most popular cards from the 140 we print.

Most popular is a grumpy gorilla holding stem of broccoli as if was a bouquet of flowers.

There’s something so majestic about the proud mother elephant and her baby strolling across the Kenyan sunrise. With similar jewel-like oranges and yellows is Paul Narbutt’s watercolour of the setting sun lighting up the sea.

The fresh snowdrops dipping their heads into a reflective pool is one of those images that just make you feel happy and hopeful; like the daffodils and daisies remind us of spring’s new life. The Cornish beach image brings back all sorts of happy memories of family holidays over the years.

We do love our afternoon tea in the UK especially when it’s beautiful; it’s easy to see why cupcakes and iced flowers made it into the top twenty. You also loved the blue butterfly and the regal looking barn owl.

We love the black and white photo of London with splashes of bright red on the telephone box, the iconic London bus and the post-box – all classically British themes!

The baby blue tit from A Very Fine Flock is fast becoming a star. Dogs have been a recurring favourite with our customers and the all-time classic that we’ve printed for years is the little white dog peeping out of a rustic window. The puppy wearing earphones postcard is equally loved.

Our new rainbow wool postcard from Bright and Beautiful has attracted a lot of attention – possibly because rainbows have been on our minds during the past year. Whatever the reason, the wool is so jolly and comforting – perfect to send to a knitter or crafter.