Pack of 12 Heavyweight Greeting Cards mixed imagesPack of 12 Heavyweight Greeting Cards mixed images

Pack of 12 Heavyweight Exclusive Design Greetings Cards and Envelopes

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This set of 12 premium greeting cards and matching envelopes is made from heavyweight card and paper. In fact, each set weighs a quarter of a kilogram each, which means they will stand up nice and straight without ever sagging like so many lesser-quality cards usually do.

The set includes a wide range of bright images, ranging from intricate golden embroidery to a baby rabbit hiding its face in its paws. We have three kinds of photographed flowers, a hand-drawn floral design and the cutest photos of animals. The paddling duckling has always been a favourite best seller.

At just 32p each, these greeting cards are far cheaper than anything you could find in the discount stores, and just so much nicer.

We have a limited number left in stock so please order soon because at this discounted price we expect them to sell out quickly.

Pack of 12 cards and envelopes