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Bespoke A6 Postcard Storage Boxes


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Keep your postcards pristine and organised with a specially-made storage box, designed to hold up to 80 A6 postcards. These boxes are made from a cream, sustainably-sourced thick cardboard and will withstand many years of use.

From when we used to poly-wrap our postcards to the eco-friendly paper bands, once a pack has been opened, storing them can be a pain. We’ve been asked to find suitable containers and we believe these are as good as you can find.

You can store over cards in each box, made from heavyweight card, they are both long lasting and sustainable. Designed as gift-boxes they also look good as well. Keep all the postcards in one place and stop them from getting damaged with these high quality postcard storage boxes. Perfect for postcrossing or just when you want to know that all your postcards are in one place and safe.

They also make great gift boxes and will protect anything fragile within.