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Two cards (20 pack) of ten different designs with matching bright coloured, gummed envelopes.

There’s something very magical about spring flowers. They announce the warmer weather and the lengthening days as well as painting the splashes of colour we so need after a long grey winter.

And the colours of our ten different spring flower postcards are incredibly strong and vibrant, thanks to our clever printing techniques, so the flowers are so true to life you could almost reach out and pick them.

The anemone is one of the first flowers of the year and in our image appears on a pure white background to enhance its rich purple shades. We added daffodils and daisies because of their dazzling yellows and almost luminescent greens. That sappy fresh green that you really only see at the beginning of spring.

Lilacs and hydrangeas are photographed with a slightly enhanced background so you can focus on their delicate lace-like petals. Almost as if they were actually in front of you. We love the rich plums and pinks of the rose and the tulips – and the scattering of dew on their petals makes them look so fresh and new. There’s dew on the deep azure of the hyacinth too making you think of those glorious early Spring mornings in your garden.

The peonies we chose because they are so classic and romantic. Always impossible to buy in the shops too so this is a good way of sharing their beauty with someone you love.

And we know pansies aren’t really just a spring flower but we couldn’t resist their gauzy translucency.