Sweet & Sour with Envelopes


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Two cards (20 pack) or five cards (50 pack) of ten different designs with matching bright coloured, gummed envelopes.

This is one of our earliest collections and is still just as popular today. The first image is of a dancing duckling with a yellow ribbon sash. Utterly silly really but it makes everyone smile.

There is no rhyme or reason to this collection – it’s completely random which is why we have two ring doughnuts with pink icing and sprinkles for the next image. Then there is a photograph of those gorgeous lavender fields in Provence.

The next image is a fun one of a lemon sliced in half showing a rainbow inside. Fresh and citrusy describes the paper-thin segments of lime in a powerful arrangement of greens. This one always makes me long for a gin and tonic!

Completely unconnected to these is a heart-warming shot of four spotty-headed lion cubs looking slightly awkward and confused.

Back to the floral theme we have a close-up of a mauve petunia flower that almost looks like it is lit up from inside. It is so luminescent that the dew drops shimmer like diamonds.

The piglets have always been one of our most popular images and you can see why with the two baby pigs resting their chins on their mother’s back. Then we have two adorable baby feet poking out of a blanket. What is it about baby feet that gets everyone sighing?