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20 Wonderful World – Nature Postcards


20 A6 postcards, 10 different images, 2 of each image.

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Postcard size = C6 (114 mm x 162 mm)

Wonderful World – Inspired Images From Around The Globe

Postcards from around the World, two postcards (20 pack) of ten different scenic designs. Landscape postcards with attitude.

Beautiful images and stunning photography make this a set of postcards to remember, in fact the colours are so bright and strong you might think they aren’t real or have been enhanced using Photoshop.

But no, these are real sights, an incredible series of photographs made into high-quality postcards. Each one displays the full beauty and magnificence of landscapes in our natural world. 

Cornish beach

There’s something quite magical about the foamy sea spray on a sandy Cornish beach, especially when the sky is such a brooding, iridescent blue.

Rainbow on the mountains

We do love our reflections on natural water scenes here at The Postcard Store and when it includes a fresh, bright rainbow breaking out of the gloom on this Scottish loch it’s even better. Lakes are so peaceful to look at and rainbows are so hopeful that we think you feel a sense of tranquillity and contentment when you see this image.


Snowdrops are special flowers. They appear when you think that nothing green will ever grow again and the grey days will never warm up. Year after year, they pop up just when you are giving up hope that Spring is coming and reassure you that all is well.

Boat on the shore

That swirling mass of pink sky and the rocky seascape beyond look quite dangerous now that we really think about it but the colours are just so gorgeous we will not give the danger a second thought and will just enjoy the amazing sky.

Grand Canyon

The coral-coloured stripy ridges of the incredible Grand Canyon in Arizona are formed by the Colorado River sweeping through in previous times. It just doesn’t seem real – more like a landscape on Mars – but this is a truly natural wonder of our beautiful world.

Rainbow Mountain

Can you believe that the incredible Rainbow Mountain or Vinicunca as it’s known locally in Peru  is real? A mountain in naturally made stripes of turquoise, orange, pink, brown and white is a sight to treasure. We have only been able to see the vibrant colours for the last ten years because it has always been covered by layers of snow. This beautiful mountain is the site of the Star Snow Festival every year and many people complete the arduous trek to marvel at Vinicunca’s vivid colours.

Mount Fuji

Nothing quite sums up the serene beauty of Japan as Mount Fuji in springtime. With the river Urui  flowing towards Mount Fuji, the brilliant pinks of the cherry blossoms and the glowing blue sky beyond it makes you feel that all is right with the world. In fact the Cherry Blossom Festival in April every year promotes the beauty of nature and the importance of international friendship.

The Northern Lights

The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis as it’s sometimes known, are one of those incredible natural phenomena that occurs in the Arctic Circle when the conditions are just right. This amazing, moving display of green, purple and pink streaks of light is caused by electrically charged particles from the sun that enter the earth’s atmosphere. This beautiful photo was taken in the northern rural area of north Iceland.

Skogafoss Waterfall

Just look at the drama and motion of the incredible Skogafoss Waterfall in Iceland! If you look closely you can see a tiny figure standing in front which shows how powerful and magnificent this waterfall is. We loved the rich colours reflecting from the setting sun on the moving water. This is nature at its most wild and incredible!


We couldn’t resist the beautiful mother and child elephant scene in the Tembe Elephant Park in South Africa.  An elegant mother and her elephant calf are perfectly captured in silhouette under the enormous Baobab tree. This African game reserve is host to many dramatic animals hunting down their prey so it’s lovely to see this relaxed little family making their way back to their herd.

This remarkable set of postcards from around the World, shows a different side of landscape photography, unusual sceans, rather than the famous statutes and buildings most postcards show.