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Thank you postcards for Christmas!

Gift wrapped present thank you postcard

Thank You postcards are a great set to have in your draw. Not only are they really useful as a notelet when some has shown you some kindness or given you something. They are a life saver when it comes to getting kids to do a Thank You letters for Christmas presents. There’s less space than on a blank page so they look better; and aren’t as challenging for kids, so it makes it easier to get them started. 

And as a ‘thank you’ to all our customers I would like to offer you the chance of a fantastic discount on these cards. We’ve added another 10% to the 20% discount we often offer, so you can save 30% on these cards – that’s just £3.11 for 20 high quality Thank You postcards or just £4.86 if you order with envelopes. 

Click for postcards only 

Click for postcards and coloured envelopes 

Click for postcards and white envelopes 

I know everyone is really busy at the moment, so I’ve kept the sale open longer than normal, it will close on Sunday the 19th December 2022. But with the postal strikes Royal Mail have brought the last posting day forward, to make sure you get your Thank You postcards before Christmas please order by Monday the 12th December. 

Talking about being busy, if you haven’t given comping (entering competitions to win prizes) a go yet, now is a great time to get started. During December promoters run Advent Competitions where you can win a prizes everyday (the prizes get better, the closer you get to Christmas Eve). And there aren’t just a few competitions around so far we have found 740 to choose from. Plus you can join just for December and it only costs £9.99. If you fancy getting things for free in December, instead of just spending money click here to join Simply Prizes just for December.