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The most stunning wild animal postcards you can buy

Yesterday was Global Africa Day, and far from being ones of those days that don’t seem to actually mean much. This days has a history, formally known as African Freedom Day it commemorates the forming of Organisation of African Unity or OAU.

Formed in 1963 the organisation works for the security, growth and development of all African nations, to help celebrate it why not send someone one of our Wild at Heart postcards.

This is one of our best selling ranges and while it has one wild animal, a tiger, not normally found in Africa the rest are. And the picture of the tiger is so stunning, I’m sure you’ll forgive the artistic licence linking the range to Global Africa Day.

The nine other images are of a cheetah, elephant, giraffe, gorilla, leopard, lion, meerkats, rhino and zebra.

All the images are shot to highlight the slender of the animals, rather than showing them in their natural surroundings, one of my favourites is the one of the gorilla above, it’s just so sweet. The way all these animals have been photographed makes this one of the most unusual and stunning sets of wild animal postcards you can buy.

Click here to see them all.