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The perfect way to brighten someone’s day

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve talked about cards that were designed to deliver a smile with Songs of Hope and Chin Up; both ranges that have really caught peoples imagination.

Elaizabeth A has just told us – “They are really lovely and just right to send to special people to let them know you are thinking about them without having to write a letter”

Joanne L said – “These are extra special in these uncertain times to send to friends and family to show you care and are there for them. Excellent product.”

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And Chin Up make people feel just as positive;

Marlyn D’s thoughts were – “Would defy anyone not to feel better if they were sent one of these cards”

And Suzzane said – “Love these postcards they are big bright and super cute, I’ll be buying more”

Victoria also reported back with – “I have sent several quick notes to different friends & family when I know they have been going through a tough time. Each one has cheered the recipient up no end and been really appreciated :-)”

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But there’s nothing as special as a hand-made card, and we have blank postcards for you to make, cheaper than I’ve seen anywhere else. You can get 20 blank postcards for just £2.49.

Like all our postcards, they are also available on Amazon and eBay. See the blank postcards.

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