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Which one do you want?

Thanks for all your feedback on the Pick Your Own set up. I know it’s been a long time coming, but as there is no way we can know which cards you are going to order we have had to get extra cards printed of all 130 images and find space to store them safely, while been accessible to pack.

Each time you choose a Pick You Own order we manually select and pack the cards for you, we’re not complaining, it’s been something we have wanted to offer for ages, I just want to explain why it’s taken us so long to have them available.

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Given how much I’ve been talking about the little robin in our garden I know some of you were surprised I didn’t mention the new robin picture last week, especially with Christmas coming up it would be a lovely card to send someone.

We don’t really do many Christmas themed cards and this is something we aim to put right next year but I always like to think the dog got his earphones as a present, I’m not sure why I think this, I just do.