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Win a pack of mixed postcards

Here’s your chance to get a pack of mixed postcards for free. Its ages since we had a competition and I’ve got a treat for you today. We have packs of 20 mixed postcards to give away, each pack has different with 20 postcards from current or old ranges, they took ages to put together so I hope you like them. 

As I said I mixed up some old packs we have current postcards and with some images that are in the new Afternoon Tea and Chin UP ranges, but that you can’t get individually on Pick Your Own yet. 

Each pack is unique, and in each pack are 20 different postcards. As usual we have 15 packs to give away, 5 for mail entries, send an email with your name and address to with ‘What a mix up’ in the subject line, post the same on Facebook or retweet on Twitter. I know it’s not called Twitter any more but what are you meant to say ‘X it’ or ‘send an X’? I’ll wait a bit until it all settles down before changing. 

Please get your entries in before Monday 9am, 7th August 2023. 

And don’t forget if your kids are stuck in doors and looking for things to do, you can get two packs of free plain postcards, click to find out more here 

Enjoy the weekend 

Kinds regards