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We’ve never done this before

Congratulations to Laura Anne Farnworth, Kathryn Casbolt, Sue Sterry, Martin Pipe and Elaine McGlinchey, the five winners of a pack of Wild Woodland postcards each. Justin should have contacted you by now, if he hasn’t please e-mail him with your address details,

These are my favourite range, I just love all the different animals in their natural setting. I was really please when I finally managed to get wildlife photographer Julian Rad agreed to let us use some of his pictures: like the squirrels eating blackberries and the one touching their own reflection.

The whole range is beautiful, from the elegant butterfly to the funny field mouse, there’s a postcard for everyone. This is a fantastic celebration of nature and woodland animals at their best. It’s not just lions and tigers that make stunning animal pictures. The Owl has a grandeur second to none.

We’ve never offered a discount on these cards before and I’m not sure if we will ever again, this is your one of chance to grab a real bargain.  To celebrate the end of lockdown , the start of summer and days in the countryside (if the rain ever ends!) we are going to run a flash sale. Order before 9:00am on Monday 24th May 2021 and you can get 20% off the standard price (offer limited for 4 packs per customer).

Click to see all the different pictures and get 20% off

Talking about things we’ve never done before, we’ve also set up a Twitter account, if you like you news by Twitter, follow us here, and if you would like to tell your friends about us, please, please do, we don’t have many followers yet!

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