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Blank, white postcards at a discount

Blank Postcards

Normally by this stage of the holidays I’ve lost the will to live, fighting to get my kids to do something that doesn’t involve electronics.

This year has been the first year it’s been a bit different, two have left home, number 3 spends more time with her friends than family, so it only leaves one to chivvy along. Mind you she’s so lazy this takes some doing!

Dave and I are trying (unsuccessfully) to get her to keep her bedroom is some semblance of order and find things for her to do that take her away from a screen.

Blank Postcards

One thing we’ve tried is decorating blank postcards. She loves glue and making a mess, but we have also tried getting her to draw the best thing from our holiday. If you think this is worth trying with your kids or you like decorating your own postcards, I’d like to offer you a 20% discount on our plain postcards. This flash sale will only last until Sunday so make sure you don’t miss out.

With the 20% discount a pack of plain postcards costs less than £2, so it’s great price. The discount also covers packs of the plain postcards with envelopes as well; they are just £5.56 for 20 heavyweight plain postcards and 20 coloured or white envelopes.

Click for 20 blank postcards

Click for 20 blank postcards with coloured envelopes

Click for 20 blank postcards with white envelopes

The plain white postcards have very light guide lines on one side and completely blank on the other.

Good luck with the rest of the holidays and I’ll be back next week.