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The Winners – Afternoon Tea postcards

Lily of the Valley Flower postcard - The Postcard Store - Bright and Beautiful

Congratulations to all the winners from our Afternoon Tea postcard competition there are –

Email – Mrs Lisa M Diment, Joanne Lally, Ashley Talbot, Anthony Thomas, Dawn Adams-Clarke.

Facebook – Wendy Tolhurst, Claire Madder, Ashley Collins, Paul Foster, Yvonne Brownsea.

And Twitter – Diane Carey, Ruth Pickford, Marian Pugh, L Turvey, Ruth Sturgess.

Afternoon Tea week may have finished but don’t let it stop you throwing a Tea Party, there are great fun and a good excuse to see people you have been in touch with for ages.

The list of things they have a day for seems never ending and often very obscure, for example today is World Photography day. This I can understand because as a postcard lover I follow photographers to find the best images I can for our new ranges. But it’s also International Bow Day, why?

Lily of the Valley Flower postcard - The Postcard Store - Bright and Beautiful

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Green Eyed Cat - The Postcard Store - Animal Kingdom

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