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Celebrate World Postcard Day with us

Next week is World Postcard Day, started 2019 to celebrate 150 years of postcards. It’s interesting that they have a date for the first postcard, especially as when reading the history of postcards on the World Postcard Day website, you could argue that they first postcards were produced in the US and not Austria.

But I don’t think it really matters, what’s more important is that we celebrate postcards. There’s a quote on the site I love “a postcard is a hug in the mail”. It’s so true and loads of you have said how much you like sending and receiving postcards.

There was a uplift in sending postcards during lockdown and as things slowly return to normal, we should remember what joy they brought and keep sending them.

As Jane H said leaving us a review “Just the uplift we all need right now”.

To celebrate World Postcard Day and encourage people to send them we are offering 20% off ALL our postcards this weekend (maximum 4 packs per order, offer closes 9:00am September 27th). After running a flash-sale so recently Dave wasn’t too happy about giving away another discount so soon, but I told him we had no choice!

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Looking round the World Postcard Day website I discovered that there is Universal Post Union, to ensure international cooperation between postal services. I never even though such a things existed and I’m still not sure what they can do all day! Click if you want to find out.

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