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Did you win a pack of these seamless pattern postcards

Seamless pattern postcard - The Postcard Store - At Libert - Rosa

Thanks to everyone who entered the At Liberty postcard competition. You have each won a pack of 20 of these lovely seamless pattern design postcards.

All the classic Liberty Print designs were seamless patterns, where there isn’t an obvious start or finished to the pattern. And although each design follows the pattern, they are all so different. In fact, when I’ve been asked I can’t actually choose a favourite, I think they are all beautiful in their own way.

Seamless pattern postcard - The Postcard Store - At Liberty - Rambling Rose

The winners from email are, Judith Jones, Robby Price, Nigel Toseland, Claire Shepherd and Lee Newsum; your postcards are on the way.

The Twitter winners are Jane Sussex, AJ Simpson, Paula Daines, Emma Farrell and Sue Ocock, please respond to the PM with your addresses.

Same thing with the Facebook winners are Sarah Jane Jones, Meryl Clark, Gill Barwood, Claire Shepherd and Tricia Wakeford.

And as normal as a thank you to everyone who entered but didn’t win, we’ll offer you a 20% discount on the At Liberty postcards this weekend. The discount includes buying with envelopes or on individual designs with Pick Your Own.

Click here for the multipack of 20 postcards only, here with coloured envelopes and here for with white envelopes. And if you would like a pack of ten cards of any individual design of the At Liberty postcards, click here.

The discount will run from Friday 9th February to Sunday 12th.

Once again thanks to everyone who entered the competition and enjoy the discount on seamless pattern postcards.