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Inspiration time – let’s have a competition

This lockdown is hard and my kids are really starting to feel it; but the weather has at least picked up. Under normal circumstances I would be celebrating 14 degrees and light rain, but today I am!

And to help me celebrate let’s have a competition. Our Chin Up range has been bringing smiles for a long time and during lockdown it’s proved more popular than ever. What people love the gentle way it picks you up, unlike the ‘go get them tiger’ feel of some motivational postcards.In fact, Marylyn D puts it much better than I could;

“Would defy anyone not to feel better if they were sent one of these cards”


Just comment on our Facebook page with ‘Keep Smiling’ or send an e-mail to with ‘Keep Smiling’ in the subject line to be in entered into a prize-draw to win a pack of 20 of these inspiring postcards. We have five packs to give away.

“Perfect for sending to friends who are struggling with family problems or just generally feeling down. Let’s them know I care …”

The competition for inspirational and motivational postcards will close at 9am on Monday 22nd February 2021, so get your entry in quickly. And please feel free to pass this e-mail (or details of the competition) onto anyone you know.