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Discover why I’m very happy to say ‘we do’

Golden Marilyn - Marilyn Monroe postcard by Daria Yablon-Soloviova - The Postcard Store – Visions

Last week Serena asked on our Facebook page;

“Do they include a credit to the original artist on the back? I always find it frustrating when I receive interesting art cards which don’t give me any way of identifying the artist.”

I’m happy to say that not only do we credit the artist but we have also linked back to their websites from the description on The Postcard Store.

These are a very different range of cards; unique paintings that it took me a long time to research. I wanted you to have a set of cards that shows some of the best contemporary fine art available now; without have to use paintings that you will already know.

Jayne A also thought they were great when she left us another 5 star review. That’s four out of four so far.

Click here to see the full range of paintings.

And if you especially like one of the images don’t forget that with Pick You Own you can buy 10 of any of the postcards we produce. I know it’s more seasonal around Christmas but I love the Robin by Reme Junior, it’s so incredible life like.

I really hope you enjoy this se of contemporary fine art cards and I’ll be back with some very exciting news next week.

Kind regards