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Our acclaimed new range of bird postcards

We have just launched a range a bird postcards called a Very Fine Flock. We started off with the idea of just having garden birds but when I saw the picture of the beautiful Egrets dancing I knew I had to include it and who can’t resist a Kingfisher.

But we did include my favourite the little robin (there’s one in out garden that always comes out to chat when I’m gardening’. There’s also a fluffy baby Blue Tit, a beautiful goldfinch, majestic swan swimming into a sunset.

Thanks to the highly-acclaimed wildlife photographer and conservationist Boris Belcher we have been able to include three more unusual birds, with a European Roller, the grasshopper warbler and the bearded reedling.

Did you know that although the Egrets look like excotic creatures they are actually regular visitors to British gardens that have streams and ponds? I love the owl winking at just, just as if she’s sharing a joke. The Swan looks almost unreal but it is a real picture and the colours just seem to shine on the kingfisher.


And although we have only just launched the range, we’ve already had some great feedback;

This is the first time that we have produced a range of birds postcards and it really good to see that they have been so appreciated. We’ll keep our eyes out and see if we can find even better pictures to add in the future.

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