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Puppy Postcard

Yesterday was National Puppy Day, celebrate by making someone smile with a puppy postcard. Both our Animal Kingdom and Cuddly Creatures set have puppies in them. In fact, the Cuddly Creatures puppy postcard is one of my all time favourites. In all the time we’ve printed this postcard it still makes me smile every time I see it.Puppy dog postcard - The Postcard Store - Cuddly Creatures

It’s such a good picture that one of our competitors on Amazon, from Germany, has introduced it into one of their ranges as well. Making this very cute animal an international star!

And if you like it as much as me, please remember that you can get pack of 10 postcards with this lovely picture from the Pick Your Own option – just click here.

We all know everyone love a puppy but did you know they can help your work better as well? According to a Japanese study workers were a lot more relaxed and focused on a given task by starting their day with a puppy break.

And according to a French study they are a lot like my kids. As puppies they are like babies and react to been softly spoken to in sing-song tones and baby talk. But as grown animals, they like my teenage kids couldn’t care less…

Animal Kingdom’s puppy postcard actually has two puppies on it, almost making it twice as nice, click here to see all the cards in this set, and here for Cuddly Creatures.

Enjoy your weekend and say hello to any puppies your see.