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It’s the New Year, let’s start with a competition

Happy New Year and let’s hope 2021 is better than 2020.

And to set us on the way let’s have a competition. With all the new launches and Christmas it seems like ages since we ran one.

Keeping in touch during in these strange times is really important and it can be so uplifting to receive a card. We created Songs of Hope specifically to bring a smile to people’s faces. A beautiful set of motivational and inspirational postcards.

With lyrics made famous by Vera Lynn and others, this pack of ten uplifting cards is guaranteed to make someone’s day.

Words from ‘What’s The use of Worrying’, ‘Don’t Forget me Not’, ‘Stand by me’, ‘April Showers’, ‘Wonderful World’, ‘Pack up Your Troubles’, ‘We’ll Meet Again’, ‘Moon River’, ‘Jolly Good Company’ and ‘Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree’.

So to win one of five packs just send an e-mail to or post on Facebook with the message – Worrying, it’s never worth the while before 9:00am on Monday 11th Jan 2021 to be entered into this free prize draw.

I’m not sure why but ‘And I think to myself…What a wonderful world’ gives me strength and hope’ that everything will be all right.

Kind regards