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Let a postcard help keep your Chin Up

After mentioning the Postcards of Kindness campaign last week, a reader kindly told me about a similar idea run by two young women to stop older people feeling isolated. They have called it Letters Against Isolation and you can read all about it by clicking here.

The website looks very professional and it must have taken a lot of hard work to get everything set up and running. They’ve done a great job and shows you don’t need the backing of a big charity to make a difference.

And unlike a certain charity I don’t think Shreya and Saffron will threaten to sue us for mentioning their names; just because we sell postcards!

Songs of Hope range was developed after COVID hit us all, so hard. But Chin Up has been bringing a smile to people faces for a long time, and although it’s one of our older ranges, it still as popular as ever and if you are looking for a postcard to send to a friend, family or want to get involved with either Letters Against Isolation or Postcards of Kindness, Chin Up is well worth considering – click to see the full range.

Enjoy your weekend and stay safe and warm.

Kind regards