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Postcards of Kindness

Yesterday was World Stationery Day and part of the National Stationery Week, as a lover of postcards I can appreciate this. But it was also World Arak Day, National Cheese Soufflé Day, International Museum Day, National Visit Your Relatives Day, Global Accessibility Awareness Day and National No Dirty Dishes Day!

Now I can see the point of an Accessibility Awareness Day, but a No Dirty Dishes Day? If I hadn’t seen it advertised I would say it was joke. And what hope have the ‘more sensible’ days of getting noticed if they have to compete with so many other ideas?

The idea behind National Stationery Week is to encourage people to use traditional ways of keeping in touch, like letters and postcards, over the text message or email. Given the joy we know a postcard can bring this is a great idea.

During lockdown there was a big push to send postcards to older people who didn’t have much contact with other people. Well even though lockdown is a distant memory Help the Aged are still encouraging it with their Postcards of Kindness programme.

It’s a great idea and even if you don’t get involved just remember sending a postcard is always good and can make the recipients day.

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